Scientific research and technical possession
khaled nashwn
khaled nashwn
Research confirmed many of the scientists on the strong impact of education on production and on the development of economic and technical progress, Behind all aspects of technical and economic progress lies the efforts of scientists and researchers in their laboratories. The scientific research institutions play an important role in the development of construction, and to ensure the success of economic charts and correct evaluation. As the research leads to scientific discoveries affect the nature of man's understanding and view of the world and to identify new areas of information, and applied probability that turn into means and technological tools for production, transportation, and others;

The search scientific is to develop the knowledge, and the development of a product, and the failure of scientific research in the industrial sector, social or other prevent the development of these sectors and to overcome the problems; therefore it can not be with this backwardness develop technologies or improving levels of these sectors do not promote nor produce wealth.

The independence technological, and subjecting this knowledge and develop depends on scientific research and policy and human resource development, and universities including untouched from Research Laboratories, and workshops experimentation and strips teaching is one of the most important means of preparing human energy and refined, and the development of skills in science, knowledge and training.

Notes some researchers that our universities do not recognize research policies, does not specify strategic targets in the short term or long term and not average, does not include the annual programs of universities research programs concept global rarely, and often research projects completed on its individual initiative or research groups small.

These universities are not an area for scientific research never. Has been busy after obtaining our independence in Training of doctors, jurists, teachers and men; Management to replace frameworks colonial, and continued this situation for quite a while, and then when entering these countries in so-called calendar structural economic dictated the International Monetary Fund, said the financial allocations and expenditures investment in education and other sectors. I started the phenomenon of graduate unemployment that still we experience: queues of learners and competencies Off production, does not have the opportunity to play product, paralyzed marginalized, despite the pressing national need to all learners in other disciplines.

Obstacles in the way of scientists

Arab country has a shortage of human resources in the field of scientific research scholars weak rate for the population, less than the global averages that may arrive in the country advanced to 3,000 researchers per million of the population. Add to that the failure to provide terms of scientific research, including:

The absence of academic freedom and lack of full-time researchers. Science does not express himself freely. The restrictions imposed on the publication and circulation of information, thus preventing made available to researchers and the general public. This case underdeveloped countries as a whole, where we find scientists belonging to the interests of governments, and in charge in most cases administrative tasks, and other scientists (outside the circle) are many and more active and productive, not consulted in the planning of any policy scientific, economic or social, nor are consulting on government decisions relating to and the fields of science and its applications. The academic freedom must be made available to the scientific institutions and scientists; because they naturally as the scales of values, requires them to be able to refine their ideas and commitment to the limits of their research.

And bureaucratic tyranny of managerial behavior on the organs of control over the administration of universities and facilities Mkhabrha, and the prevalence of unethical behavior among members of the scientific and funded sectors; leads to the spread of patronage and opportunism and lack of justice in the assignment of researchers and their availability and financing their research. ; In addition to the modest financial return to the researchers. Which tempts and encourages researchers to immigration that lead to the depletion of the Arab world and further behind. And necessity which calls to give scientists the freedom to choose their research fields, linked by calling to give them the opportunity to achieve their research projects by providing the material conditions and labor legislation that allows them full-time for the duration.

Conduct research

Isolation of scientists and the absence of communication channels, including: At the level of institutions noted some researchers that the higher education system in Morocco is distributed to the University and graduate schools and institutes are frameworks differ in their standards and educational means and management, brought the status of Diaspora this within the legacy system for France, schools senior engineers inherited from France and the rest of the developed world does not operate, and high schools for teachers living an identity crisis, and colleges of science and technology have the right to give testimony engineer; but could attempt to become a school engineers, and secrete School of Medicine frameworks can hardly communicate with researchers, Faculty of Science, does not participate engineer with the pharmacist in Many things, interesting examples of images diaspora, and lack of communication means the absence of joint programs and fruitful cooperation; parallel academic institutions there research centers belonging to some of the ministries, and related third different (University, or the Ministry of Higher Education, or the Ministry of Agriculture ... etc.) and the consequent difference systems and search structures diaspora major difficulties in communication centers and between the universities leading to isolation and to the actual dependency of the state from which it has imported the system for the first time.

Increasingly, this constraint force by the lack of means of communication between scientists and researchers, and a lack of exchange of information due to lack of information sharing systems and releases professional magazines, and science, the scientific progress thrives communication between scientists and specialists at all levels of regional, national and international, continental; to compare the results of their research and discussion, and look at the What reached their peers, and this progress is hampered by the absence systems communication between scientists, do not have opportunities to enrich their research and development and deepening experience, and added to this factor the lack of training opportunities available to them, and the absence of loops continuous training and sessions both within and outside the country, claiming lack of funds earmarked for this side.

The isolation researcher means limited access to his arrival to the sources of information, and lack of opportunities known efforts other or achievements growth of scientific and its innovation, and the adoption of the French language in the search in the teaching of science and technology in Morocco contributes to the removal of researchers from the language of scientific publishing, and leads to reduced their horizons as well as cause poor communication with citizens in general and weakness concerns the deployment of scientific culture within the social fabric. The ability to communicate with others exist within the top qualifications Scholar in the age of communication, which entered human remains mired in, but not limited communication skills to master the native language and mastery of a foreign language, but also extends to the processing techniques text and communication skills in general.

The university is not just an institution of scientific research and the preparation of scientists and technicians, they Besides cultural institution has a role educational national social, contributes sent Sciences of Riqadha In educate citizens and تنشيطهم and motivation to innovation and authoring through publication of literary works, scientific, and organization of training courses, arts festivals and culture Through the partnership agreements that may be linked with civil society bodies, break her isolation and integrated into the social fabric is one of the first priorities.

Not link educational activities and research Arab development programs and production and weak research capacity and lack of equal opportunities and conditions search among universities, some universities suffer from a glut financial including allocated from huge budgets for the conduct of its facilities and maintenance, while suffering universities in other countries miserable financially and lack of provisions, prevents keep abreast of technical developments and without cover basic research, or publications.

The productivity of scientific and research to universities and research institutes Arab far less than can be provided in relation to the energies and competencies owned, compared to scientific productivity and Arab research with production Israeli research raises concern and sorrow, although the big difference in the potential human and financial is for the benefit of the Arab nation, production is Arab scientists together at the present time at least produce the same category in Israel decades ago, and worse than that is that the productivity of the Arab researcher equivalent to 10% (average for other scientists).

Worse, that scientific research focused especially on the industrial sector primarily neglected agricultural sector, social and otherwise, in many countries of the Arab world, although the tragedies of social and economic disasters and tremors political experienced by these countries is closely linked to failure of the agricultural sector and weak reverberate and degradation of social conditions The outbreak of lesions illiteracy and ignorance, extremism and lack of social demand for science and deteriorating conditions rural and low status of women and the spread of crime and drugs and other pests that prevent any development; and more of these lesions is linked to the deterioration and failure of the agricultural sector widespread in our countries, development is the truth is focused on developing and development of the agricultural sector, materially and humanly directing high care بالبوادي and villages where most of the population resides, not in the creation of a huge industrial sector huge cost of capital has become a burden on the resources of the country due to the absence of the conditions and data.

The return of the labor force graduates of the educational system is very limited in agricultural activities. The problem remains in the real contribution of the guidance and research to increase agricultural production in general and improve the conditions of the desert, and the cost of education graduates in these areas, and the cost of their salaries after graduation for the return resulting from what postings of scientific knowledge, and contribute to it in solving problems, it is known in our countries that the vast majority of those working in agriculture are illiterate, and illiterate people living in isolation and marginalization, denied owning the means of improving their physical, social and unable to provide minimum conditions of life; most important reasons sophistication is taken care of humans and configured as the item that has the capacity that can be used in all walks of life.

Knowledge is power

Must then when you think about the development of the university and the advancement of scientific research to pay attention to human resources many as few species, and ensure lifting of level configure a basic comprehensive makes people able to interact and communicate with each other and increase their ability to learn and strengthens the social demand for science and technology, information, and ensures the creation of market to promote information and ensure consumption; and which contributes to achieve this, the organization of science fairs and meetings courses open to the components of the society and its and classes, associations, federations and unions, women and elders and others, and the creation of TV channels means to broadcast scientific programs and documentaries and surveys, and the adoption of the Arabic language in communication scientists and scientific bodies with citizens, and in the dissemination of business and research, and the creation Arab scientific sites on the Internet, and so much of what can be its creation, adoption programs and cooperation projects between universities and research centers Arab, and between productivity and other institutions.

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