Why the sky looks blue?
khaled nashwn
khaled nashwn
Sky color ranges from dark indigo to orange or red in the sunset, but we tend to believe that the natural color of the sky is blue. As the sun light source on the ground, issued a white light, it is really surprising to think always that the color of the sky is blue.

It consists white mix colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, indigo blue, and violet, and look at the rainbow), which produces differing lengths rays, consisting of light. The color visual material is produced also from sunlight with different lengths. Featuring some of the material in its ability to absorb light or reversed or refraction in different directions. (Except completely transparent material will allow the passage of light as well as the impact of vision in humans.

The red material, for example, if it is exposed to light absorbs all the colors of the rainbow except red, which is reflected. Article rays reflect some red, some blue. The black material absorbs all the colors of the rainbow and white all Aekshm.

When the light beam passes through the air, he would inevitably a certain degree of refraction depends on the amount of dust present around him. Shortwave and break of the spectrum (blue) a much greater degree of long waves (red). On clear days, where dust and a few drops of water in the atmosphere will be a reflection of light rays very limited, and so we see a light blue sky. And at sunset as increase the amount of dust in the atmosphere, especially harvest days, increase the dispersion of light, especially short-wave blue, so keep yellow and red rays phenomenon on the surface of the earth.

If you are a bright moon, the earth, without atmosphere surrounded by a black sky seemed always, at night and during the day.

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