Why is not the spider in the net??
khaled nashwn
khaled nashwn
To answer this question must first examine the miracle of engineering spider web. On the one hand the strength of silk yarns are wisps that are stronger than steel fabric, and higher power only fused quartz, and expands the string to five times its length before stopping.

In fact, this little string that appears to the naked eye is made in the same way that makes coal cable, which consists of several filaments infinitesimal wrapped around each other, has a thickness per single yarn (1) of the millionth of an inch. And manufacture materials are very common, as there is in one hectare of a British provinces, for example, more than two million and a quarter of a spider. Each special spider romanced, usually a strength of three. This is a natural flirt found the lower abdomen. There are near each mandrel slots small gland graduated article that are silk, a substance formed in the spider glands. During tissue engineering, spider collects three strands together to form a tuft strong and solid.

Spinning spiders that live outside the home type of tissue known as the Astronomy proportion to its circular form, which is an impressive piece of engineering of harmonious lines that appear very gorgeous under the first rays of dawn. The female spider is that the task of building fabric. The pressure used her stomach, to pay threaded thermal outside six glands in the abdomen, and the first thread linking party, known as the bridge, runners herb, or a leaf. Then go down to the ground with Tuft, and is continuing the process of knitting, and then descend to the earth and ascend to another high point, to pulls strongly floss, and correlates well in place using adhesive graduated from one of the glands as well. Whereupon first install a lock, always horizontally, then drop two threads Haririn in each party to the first string, and to configure other bridges less, up from the first and that will become the basis of the network. Then بغزل the yarn several network within this work, to meet all threaded in the middle. And here comes the smart work, where you place the adhesive on the outer strands of the network only, and when you are done entirely from making network complement the development of glue on the inside and on some sections only, leaving a place to move it easily.

After the completion of the network, the Ankpoth engaged in manufacturing small nest nearby, and usually you wrap the leaf and set themselves inside a comfortable bed of silk. Of course, they may wait too long before the arrival of the first victims.

Finally, you connect a warning line between nest and weaving, to feel any vibration that may occur on the fabric as a result of the fall of any insect. When this happens, the vibration speed to the center of the fabric to know something that will deal with him. And because of the sharp weakness in vision then will depend Ankpoth on other حواسها to determine qualities prey. If the huge and deadly release her from afar, but if not eaten large, Keliesub, Vstlvha with silk threads from afar as well, using a member of another specialist, is cluster shape gland. Straining insect prey themselves trying to get rid of the trap, then begin Ankpoth progress towards it through the threaded safe left to itself without an adhesive, and if coincidences that mistake once and put their legs on the adhesive, the body Sievers material such as oil works as an analyst chemist Glue, assisted on the liberation of the new .

May not like spiders, but when you think about its ability to destroy insects and clean agricultural ones, you will not be belittled and value after today.

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